Feature product: Data Center Automation



Video shows a Data center automation that ensures the DC has a constant cool temperature so the servers can perform normally. Here a power shutdown on the A/C is simulated and it is showed how the systems recovers itself automatically.


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Philips Hue: Smart Home Lighting

CMS Odoo - A great image

White and color

Make changing your lights daily a fun activity. Play with the colors and sync your lights with music, games and movies to get a better and more inmersive experience.

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Philips Hue Starter Lightstrip and Bloom Review

A look at the Philips Hue Starter kit, Bloom and Lightstrip Plus


hueDynamic App Camera Sync TV to Hue Lights (Nature)

hueDynamic UWP app in average color capture mode.


Hue lights hue sync PS4

Hue lights + hue sync + PS4 + Spider-man

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