IoT Data Center Starter Packet

IoT Data Center Starter Packet

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IoT corporation presents an easy to implement IoT solution for datacenter automation. This automation will Allow you to have full control of your datacenter remotely.
With our Automation you will be able to:

• Monitor and control remotely all the lights, temperature, fans, air conditioner and others on your data center from any smart device.
• Give remote access to visitors or IT admins for a one time access or a long period of time.
• Create alerts when something goes wrong to quickly react. You can see your alerts displayed on your smartphone, tablet, TV or even lightbulbs installed at your own home!.
• Get a live stream on any TV with an HDMI port or tablet of your facilities.


Automate IOT

We provide a solution to provide a complete remote control to your Data Center and to automate several processes that facilitate administration. With our solution, you can control and verify the status of various devices like lights, air conditioning, doors, locks, cameras and different devices electronic all this from your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, PC or even your television. You can relax and let our automation warn you when something goes wrong, since you will receive important alerts, such as:

• Humidity is detected
• The electricity is cut off
• The air conditioner is off and the temperature is high
• The front door is open • Motion is detected in time different from office
• Electronic devices such as the coffee machine are left on



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 Video shows a Data center automation that ensures the DC has a constant cool temperature so the servers can perform normally. Here a power shutdown on the A/C is simulated and it is showed how the systems recovers itself automatically.


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Lights control:

Automate your office using the latest IoT lightining technology!. We work with the top brands on lightning right now such as Philips and LIFX. Our solution comes with a wide range of posibilites from automating your old lights by replacing your switches with smart switches to replacing your lights with IoT LED strips. With our solution you can automate your office to turn on or off lights with a single tap from your smart device or even controlling them with different events like movement, schedule, triggered by opening a door and much more. You can even place one of our smart lights on your home and when problems occur on your DataCenter our light will change to a different color to let you know something is wrong. 

Access Control and live stream 

Get full control of who gets into your datacenter. With our smartlocks you can open your doors remotely and give acces to visitors or you can even generate several passcodes for usuals such as IT administrators for the time period you desire. Monitor what happens in your data center with our cameras and get an instant notification when someone enters your DataCenter. With face recognition you can get a custom message telling you who is at your door. All of our cameras have dual way audio. 

Sensors, Outlets and More 

Our simple automation kit anables you to create communications with a huge range of IoT devices using Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. Using the HUB and some of the “things” included you can place on your datacenter (without complex installation): Contact sensors, motion sensors, Smart power outlets, water leak sensors, arrival sensors and many other devices. 
1. HUB: This enables you to admin, control and provision all your Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. 
2. Power outlet. Switch ON or OFF any device connected to it like a fan or others. 
3. Motion sensor, to trigger actions on your devices, example: sending notifications to your smartphone and sending a snapshot created by a camera. 
4. Contact Sensor, this sensor also includes temperature and vibration sensors. Use it to monitor when someone opens a door on your data center and trigger something, for example: turn on the light that is closest to the door that was oppened. 
5. Arrival sensor, trigger all your devices to be ready when you arrive at your datacenter. Open up shades, turn on office lights, turn on air conditioner, turn on fan and much more! 

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Smart Alerts

Water and heat could damage your Data Center. Leaks in pipes, air conditioners and others could enter your servers and cause critical damage to your devices. Overheating your servers can also cause a malfunction. With our solution, you will receive automatic notifications on your smartphone, emails and you could even change the color of the lights from your red living room to another color to find out if something is wrong.

Smart control

 Control all your devices with a simple touch from the screen of your smartphone or your home concentrator. You can even control your devices with our integration of the Google Assistant, talking to him; on your Android device or with a Google speaker.

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Starter Kit

Starter Kit
1. SmartThings Kit
1.1 HUB
1.2 Contact Sensor
1.3 Motion Sensor
1.4 Power Outlet 2. Sensibo Sky x2
3. Nest / Indoor IQ cam x2
4. Nest x Yale
5. Nest Protect Alarm
6. LIFXA19 / 1100 lumen (you eat with 4)
7. Google / Home HUB
8. Chromecast / Ultra
9. Smarthings Power Outlet x2
10. Smarthings Water Leak x2
11. Fitbit Versa



When you adquire a product with us we could help you create automation rules to trigger specific processes that adjust to your needs. We perform several automations like turning on lights when doors are open, change light’s color depending on weather or the position of the sun (sun set, sunrise) creating savings for your company and nice customizations to make everything more efficient and stylish

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