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The Somnox Sleep Robot - Sleep Well, Live Well (2018)

Somnox develops the world’s first sleep robot. Founded in 2016, the company spent two years in R&D building a soft robotic companion that would help people with insomnia without the need for prescription drugs.


Somnox - world's first sleep robot to improve sleep

Your sleep companion to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.



We went to bed with Somnox the sleep robot

It's not what you think. This robot helps you fall asleep by "breathing" in and out.


The Somnox Sleep Robot

1 out of 5 people in the world has sleeping problems. At this moment, many people rely on addictive sleep medication that have many side-effects. Somnox is on a mission to change that.

When spooning the Sleep Robot during the night you will be soothed to sleep by the following functions, tickling the senses to relax body and mind.

Sleep faster Feel it breathe.

Feeling a breathing rhythm subconsciously influences your own breathing rhythm. If you hold the Somnox Sleep Robot, you will automatically synchronize your breathing to that of the sleep

robot. Making it very easy to reach a meditative state of mind that makes you drift off right away.

Sleep longer Relax your body.

By synchronizing your breathing rhythm to that of the Sleep Robot, you will reach a steady and slower breathing rhythm. This deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in your body, because it will send a message to your brain with the command to relax your body. This will result in a good and long night’s sleep.

Wake up refreshed feel great again

All the features combined will give you a good night of sleep and make you feel energized. By slowing down your breathing, focussing your attention and playing soothing sounds, the Somnox sleep robot helps you to wake up refreshed.

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A tailored approach.

 The Somnox

Sleep Robot comes with a personal tailored application, for Android and iOS. You can set the sounds and breathing exercises to your own preferences. Create your own breathing exercise or choose one of the many presets. There’s a breathing technique for everyone.