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pantalla interactiva que optimiza la productividad y permite una colaboración eficiente. Con Samsung Flip, las reuniones pueden tener lugar en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento


Samsung Flip Review - All Hands on Tech

With the Flip, Samsung is trying something new, and considering that it is already a superstar when it comes to TV and smartphone displays, it’s not a leap to see if Samsung can make something out of the smart board market.



Samsung Flip review 2hrs in: The 55" 4K whiteboard



Introduction to Samsung Flip

Discover the features of our digital flip chart and how it can help you during meetings and at work. 

Flip Annotation

Draw, Write, inspire

Enjoy the soft and familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colors, styles and amplitudes available. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool.

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Flip connection


Enjoy versatile connectivity

Samsung Flip connectivity allows a fully synchronized and user-friendly collaboration experience. Align your personal devices with the central screen for the visibility of interactive content, annotate and share.


Samsung Flip includes an exclusive HDMI port for seamless connectivity with the user's personal devices.

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Samsung Flip users also can enhance inter-device communication through thorough wireless connectivity with the devices supporting the windows 10 operating system.


 Screen mirroring connectivity also empowers Samsung Flip users to mirror their personal mobile device content directly onto the central screen.

* Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Series devices (2016 or late) with an updated Android O OS support full screen mirroring in portrait mode.

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Users can interact the Samsung Flip by linking personal devices through the integrated NFC technology.

*Samsung Galaxy Series devices(2016 or late) with an updated Android O OS can launch screen mirroring via NFC tagging.

Flip synchronization

Synchronization, visualization and control

Touch control functionality allows users to synchronize their personal devices with Flip to view and control them in real time. Changes made to the central screen will be automatically transmitted to the user's personal device, and vice versa, for efficient and compatible viewing. * Touch Out Control is available through a USB touch cable connection or Android mobile devices connected to UIBC (2016 or later) and Windows 10 computers.


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Flip presentation

Exhibit your work professionally

Adjust it to the dynamics of the Huddle Room without sacrificing comfort. With a versatile rotating mode and an ergonomic support, each Flip screen can be configured in vertical or horizontal orientation to match your collaboration needs.

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Flip distribution

Share meeting summaries effortlessly

Any participant in the meeting knows the frustration of capturing and sending handwritten summaries. The Samsung Flip frees you from this cumbersome process. Save conversations and crucial content in the central storage of the screen and easily share them with your colleagues through mobile and digital channels.